Terms of Use

Welcome to Mazaykastore.com

1-About MKS (Mazaykastore.com)

MKS is a marketplace that provides users a platform to offer, sell and buy just about any kind of natural foods in a variety of locations and pricing formats. The original contract for sale is directly between the buyer and the seller.

Solely for informational purposes we may provide guidance regarding the pricing, shipping, listing, and other tutorials etc. in our Services, but you are not bound to follow us in everything you do. Also, while we may help facilitate the resolution of disputes through various programs, MKS cannot guarantee the quality, safety or legitimity of items advertised, the truth or accuracy of users’ content or listings because the website have no  direct control on all such matters. Moreover the ability of sellers to sell items; the ability of buyers to pay for items; or that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction or return an item are direct matters of buyers and sellers and MKS is and will not be responsible.

These “Terms of Use” applies to any use of the website   https://mazaykastore.com/ both via your computer and via mobile devices or any other software application to all services offered by Marketplace and all agreements entered into by market for the use of the site and the services.

By visiting our website you agree to these Terms of Use.  We encourage anyone who uses the website or any of these services to read these Terms of Use beforehand. Marketplace may amend these Terms of Use from time to time. We advise you to read them regularly.

2-Protecting Your Privacy

The Privacy Policy  of website explains how we handle your personal information and how we protect your privacy when you use our Website.

3-Unauthorized use of the Website

The content of the Website may not be copied, reproduced and / or published by any user.

The user is not permitted to gather personal data of other users (including email addresses, and phone numbers) and / or approach advertisers/sellers or buyers for offering own products and / or services.

4-Abuse of the Website and its consequences

For your safety and to prevent abuse, email addresses are protected by Marketplace. Your response will be sent through the servers of Marketplace against an ad and any subsequent messages between buyer and advertiser.

For reporting illegal and infringing advertisements, offensive content and other issues, please use the Contact Form. so we can work together to ensure that the site remains as clean and safe as possible. Complaints about scams can also be reported via our Contact form.

If we find indications and / or complaints from other users that a particular user is not acting in accordance with the law and / or the Terms of Use and / or Privacy Policy, we can – if we find a valid reason to do so – for safety reasons and to protect the users take the following measures. Marketplace can also take this action if you are unreasonably using the website, for example, if your use disrupts the functioning of the Website or hinders other users:

  1. MKS may exclude the respective user of the services of Marketplace or certain features for limiting the User. It may also result in suspension of the account of the relevant user, delete reviews, post it limits ads or comments; and / or
    b. MKS can remove any of the user displayed ads without refund of the amount paid by User.

 Mazaykastore.com, in the context of the above measures process the personal data of those involved. Whenever there is valid reason the Marketplace within the limits of the law, can handover the data to the concerned authorities, such as the police.

5-We give no warranties

There is no guarantee on our side that our services will meet your expectations. The error free operation of the website is also not guaranteed and/or the continuous access of the website because of maintenance etc. and/or secure ingress to the website or parts thereof.

There are chances of typos and misspellings in the information and figures provided on the website.


You will make sure not to violate the following while accessing or using services of MKS:

  • Upload, post, or list items or content in the inappropriate categories on our website.
  • Bypassing or breaching any laws, the rights of our system or third party, policies, or determinations of status of your account.
  • Using our services if you are not legally allowed for instance, if you are under the age of 18, either indefinitely or temporarily suspended from utilizing our applications, tools, sites or services.
  • Failing the payment of items that you purchase on our site, until and unless you have valid reasons. For instance, if the seller has altered the depiction of item after you bid, any typographical error being made, or even if you are not able to interact with the seller.
  • Failing to deliver the items being sold by you, until and unless you have a valid reason as mentioned in MKS policy. For instance, the buyer of your item fails to obey with the terms you posted in your listing, or you are not able to contact the purchaser.
  • Interfering or manipulating the price of any of the item with listings of any other user.
  • Posting inaccurate, false, deceptive, misleading, libelous or defamatory content.
  • Taking an action that might challenge the ratings or feedback of the system.
  • Transferring your MKS account (along with feedbacks) and user ID to any of other party or website without our consensus.
  • Unsolicited or bulk electronic communications, Spam posting, pyramid schemes or chain letters.
  • Distributing viruses or any other recent technologies that may cause any harm to the website, the property or interests of the consumers.
  • Without the prior prompt permission of marketplace MKS, using any sort of scraper, robot, data mining tools, spider, extraction and data gathering tools, or any other automated mean for accessing the services for any purpose.
  • Imposing irrational or disproportionately bulky load on our infrastructure or interfering with working of our services.
  • Exporting any of the MKS tool or application, except in defiance with the export control laws of any pertinent authorities and in accordance with posted restrictions and instructions.
  • Invading the trademark, copyright, publicity, database, patents, morals, or other intellectual property rights (together known as intellectual property rights) that belong to or are registered to MKS. Some of the actions that might result in infringement are performing, distributing, reproducing, displaying, reverse engineering, decompiling, copying, preparing derivative or disassembling work from the content that belongs to MKS or anyone else.
  • Attacking the intellectual property rights that belong to the third parties exaggerated by your usage of the services or posting content of someone else under your name.
  • Without the prior express consent of MKS, commercializing any of the MKS’s tools. Application, software associated or any information.
  • Collecting information about the consumers without their consent.
  • Neglecting any technical measures that we utilize to provide our services.

7-Minimum requirement for sellers

It is a requirement for sellers to meet the minimum performance standards set by MKS, For example valid Paypal account or any reliable payment gateway option, verified address, proper shipping system etc. Neglecting or failure of meeting these standards might results in MKS charging you with surplus payment, or restricting, downgrading or even suspending your seller account.

In case we believe that you are misusing the MKS in any way, we might in our individual decision, without trying other remedies, restrict, dismiss or suspend your user account(s). We might restrict your entree to our services, eliminate, postpone your hosted content, eradicate any special status related with your account(s), downgrade and/or confiscate your listings, exclude or decrease any discounts, and take technical or legal steps to prevent you from utilizing our services.

We might cancel the unconfirmed accounts or the accounts that have been inactive for a very long period of time, or withdraw or amend our services. Furthermore, we have the rights to reject or dismiss all or any part of our services to anyone for any reason based on our own decision.

8-Policy Enforcement

Whenever a seller or buyer issue arises, we might take under consideration the performance history of the users and the detailed circumstances in applying our policies. To be righteousness with both the sellers and buyers we might be lenient with the policy enforcement of our website.


The fees we charge for using our Services are absolutely zero, but on every successful transaction between buyer and seller we will charge 2% of the total transaction amount from the seller.  In case of any changes, reduction and deduction of fees we will inform you one month earlier.

10-Purchase Conditions

When buying an item, you agree to the “Terms and Condition”

Before making any bid or commitment to buy, it’s your responsibility to read product description and other related information. .

If your bid is accepted or you have the winning bid it simply means that you enter into a legally binding contract to purchase an item when you commit to buy an item

11- About the Services and Website Changes

Marketplace can change any time the Site or parts thereof. We can also modify or terminate our services any time. We will do our best to announce such an amendment or termination within a reasonable time before it is implemented.

12-Web sites and third-party services

The Website contains links to the websites of third parties (for example a hyperlink or banner etc.). Marketplace has no control or influence over the content of these websites. If you have concerns or questions about privacy policy or other matters regarding these websites then kindly refer to those websites directly. This includes using the services of external service providers, such as third-party payment services. The use of these services will come under the (privacy) rules of the respective service.


Any complaints regarding MKS or services can be submitted through the CONTACT FORM.  Complaints must be within a reasonable time after you discovered a defect in the service, where a 1-month period in any event will be timely. Complaints should be clearly described via CONTACT FORM. Normal response time taken by website is 15 days and in case we won’t resolve your matter within 15 days then we will timely inform you via email about the deadline to resolve the issue.

A complaint can also be submitted directly to the seller. (Recommended Method)

14-Other Provisions

Marketplace can change any time the Terms of Use or parts thereof. Marketplace will announce such change within a reasonable period for entry into force. Changes will take effect within a reasonable period after they are announced, or after you restart the web site and / or has used the services of Marketplace usage after the change, whichever is earlier.
If we do not enforce any provision of the Terms of Use, then that does not mean that we waive the right to this at a later time or against another user or to enforce. Agreements that deviate from the provisions of the Terms of Use are only valid if confirmed in writing by Marketplace. If one or more provisions of the Terms of Use are declared invalid by a competent court, then this shall not affect the other provisions of the Terms of Use.

15-Electronic Communications

The electronic communication is when you are interacting with us using the “Mazaykastore.com” market place, text messages, sending emails, or any other way to communicate from either your mobile or desktop device. In the same way you are permitting us to communicate with you electronically through mobile push notices, messages or notices, texts, or emails, on the website such as our message center. You have the right to keep copies of these facts and communications for your own record. By this you are also agreeing that all of the contracts, disclosures, notices, or any other mean of communication that we offer to you electronically fulfill the legal requirements as well.


Each and every content that is available across the MKS service, such as logos, text, images, button icons, graphics, data compilations, software, application, digital downloads, audio, or video clips are all the exclusive property of Mazaykastore.com or of its content suppliers and are protected by the international copyright laws.

Also the compilation of all content included in or made available through any MKS Service is the exclusive property of Mazaykastore.com and is covered by copyright laws valid internationally

17- Rules for placing ads

  1. Marketplace is an advertising platformMarketplace is a platform where an advertiser may place ads and a user can view these ads. Marketplace is not party to the agreement between an advertiser and a user is created. Advertisers and Users must resolve disputes between themselves.
  2. General rules for placing an ad on the Website

b.1 The sellers need to select the right ad category.

b.2 Each title and any text of an ad must contain a description of the offered or requested product or service offered or requested.

b.3 Titles and ads texts may only be written in English.

  1. 4 It is not permitted to place multiple identical ads simultaneously on the website. Similarly it is also not allowed to offer the same product on the website in more than one ad.  Moreover multiple identical ads for the same product using one user account are prohibited.

b.5 If an ad for the end of the initial ad period (or any extension of the Ad period) of the Web site is removed, it is not permissible to an identical ad or an ad for the same object or the same service within the remaining duration of the original Ad period to areas unless a good reason (such as the accidental deletion of the advertisement)

c.Advertising content which is not permitted:

c.1 The title and the text of the advertisement must not be misleading, inaccurate or incorrect. The title and the text should be about the product being offered for sale that is offered to describe precisely and clearly.

c.2 An ad should not be pornographic, discriminatory, threatening or profane and inflammatory content. The ad content should not contain personal data of third parties or any political messages. Your ads should not in any case violate public order or morality.

c.3 You must add only those images that are related or matched with the product. Ads containing unrelated images will not be allowed to go live.

  1. No infringement of intellectual property rights of third parties

d.1 It is not allowed to include a product in an ad that violates intellectual property rights.

d.2 The product should only be compared in the text of the ad with other products and not in the title. The comparison may not create confusion in any way about the original source of the product.
d.3 Advertisers must satisfy the users that their products are genuine and harmless.  Sellers are not allowed to include a disclaimer in the ad regarding the authenticity of the product offered in the ad.

18-Posting of an ad 

a- An advertiser places his ad by clicking “Post new ad “on the Website after   getting logged into his account.
b- It is not allowed to disclose your account information to third parties. It is not allowed to use credentials from third parties to place ads.

19-Realization of Advertising Agreement between Marketplace and Advertisers

a- Ad editing policy

Advertise/seller can edit the ad before anyone buys it

b- Period an ad remains on the Website
Ads for which no specific rules are set they will stay at least 20 days on the Website, provided that the applicable (payment) conditions are met and the advertiser does not remove the ad itself.
If the product is offered in the ad is sold, the ad should be removed. The sale of the product offered in the ad ends Advertising Agreement between you and Marketplace has completely fulfilled its obligations under the Advertising Agreement.

20-Indemnify Mazaykastore.com for third party rights

You need to indemnify marketplace for third-party rights concerning to impairment underwent by;

  1. The utilization of the website through the purchased products; and
  2. Entering a contract that is based on any advertisement; and
  3. Deliberately overstepping or else illegal nature of the content presentation or the product that is undelivered; and
  4. The usage of the services that are being offered on the website.

21-Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability

It is our utmost priority to keep a check on the proper functioning, security, and safety of our services; however we are not giving any guarantee of the incessant access or operation to our services. Some of the functionality of the MKS might not occur in real time such as bidding and other notifications because these functionalities are beyond the control of the Mazaykastore.com.

You are at your own risk while using the services of the Mazaykastore.com, you agree to the terms. All the services of Mazaykastore.com are being delivered to you on the basis of “As Available” and “As is”. In due the boundaries of the laws applicable to the website, we exclude all the indirect or prompt warranties of the stuff being sold, terms and conditions as well but not limited to the indirect warranties of the merchantability, non-infringement, and suitability for a specific purpose.

Furthermore, within the boundaries of the appropriate law, we along with our subsidiaries, affiliates, and patents, our officers, agents, directors, and employees, all are not accountable to any of the loss or damage including but not mere restricted to forfeiture of money, repute or goodwill, unintended or direct indemnities, earnings, resultant to directly or indirectly from:

  1. Shipping, pricing, guidance, format being provided by Mazaykastore.com.
  2. Your ability or inability to utilize our services.
  3. The information that you are providing directly or indirectly for using our services.
  4. Bugs, inaccuracies, glitches, errors of any kind that are encountered in our services.
  5. Any damage to your hardware gadget or device from the use of Mazaykastore.com.
  6. Any disturbances or delays in our services.
  7. Malicious software, or any viruses obtained by your device while accessing or linking to our services.
  8. Any action, inaction, or content of third party comprising of the objects that are listed by utilizing our services or the obliteration of supposedly false items.
  9. Your requirement to change practices, behavior, content, or your incapability to do business as a consequence of alterations to our policies or user agreement.
  10. Your account being suspended or any other action taken with your account or breach of the abusing policy of the Mazaykastore.com.

22- Release

In case of your clash with one or many consumers of the website, you discharge us and our subsidiaries and affiliates and their and our employees, officers, agents, and directors from any sort of dues, damages, and demands significant, definite, any other nature, whether identified or unidentified, that are rising out of or in any way associated with such disputes. In entering into this release you expressly waive statutory or otherwise all protections that would otherwise limit the coverage of this release to include only those claims which you may know or suspect to exist in your favor at the time of agreeing to this release.

23- Indemnity

You are agreed to provide surety to us as well as our subsidiaries and affiliates along with our and their directors, agents, officers, employees, bland from any sort of demands or claims comprising any legitimate fee claimed by a third party because of or rising out of your breach to this agreement, your indecorous usage of Mazaykastore.com’s amenities or even your breach of any sort of rights or laws of a third party.

24- Amendments

a- Marketplace, the website or parts thereof, including the ad duration, renewal options, the layout of the groups and sections, the layout of the Web site and search at any time and change at their discretion. We will strive to announce such change within a reasonable time before they are implemented.

b- Marketplace may at any time amend the prices.

25-The ad can be published elsewhere

a- You can republish the ad by taking prior permission
b- By placing an ad you provide Marketplace automatically a free, worldwide, irrevocable, sub-licensable and transferable license to use the ad and / or (parts of) the content, reproduce, distribute and publicly (and to allow third parties to use and reproduce) for marketing, promotion and / or advertising purposes. You are warrant that you are authorized to provide this license.

c-We can allow for publicity purposes third parties access to an ad to them to make it possible to promote that and other ads on third party websites, e-mail and through other channels.

d- The format of ads can be changed so that ads can be accessed from mobile devices or other third-party software applications.

e-The website contains references (e.g. through a hyperlink or banner) to third party websites. These references can also be placed in or next to an ad. Marketplace has no control or influence the content and policies of these websites.

26-Rules for posting reviews 
a- Posting a review and comment

A review is a writing experience of a user with an advertiser.
If a user has written a review for an ad, the advertiser can also respond. The comment will appear directly below the review.

b-The rules for review

A review:

  1. Must be completed truthfully;
    b. should refer to the relevant advertiser;
    c. must relate to a completed job / service;
    d. must not contain vulgar or abusive words
    e. should not contain any sensitive information (such as addresses, websites, etc.);
    f. must not contain commercial messages
    g. should not be in conflict with the law or the Terms of Use

27- Additional Terms

a-Returns and Cancellations

Sellers must create rules to automate replacements, returns, and refunds under certain circumstances. For example sellers must mention very clearly whether they are offering refunds or not? If yes then inside what time frame the buyers must contact them for refund and who will bear the return shipping cost etc.?

b- About Completion of tasks

b1-The tasks on tasks page can be of varied nature. Only pick the task which you can perform.

b2- The acceptance or rejection of tasks is solely the right of the  original poster of the task. Website or the sellers can reject a task submitted by the buyers with or without any reason.