Two farmers in Raipur and Kavalda, troubled by debt and drought, committed suicide by consuming poison

News:Two farmers in Raipur and Kavalda, troubled by debt and drought, committed suicide by consuming poison

Farmers were very upset, and then they heard about the qualities and demand of moringa and grew moringa on little areas on experimental basis.

Beginning as an experiment on barren land in Chhattisgarh, the cultivation of Sohanjna has changed the condition of farmers. On proving profitable farming, now 150 acres of land is being cultivated not only in the area but it is also being exported to the country as well as abroad. Rajneesh Awasthi of Raipur, who started it, points out that some land was found lying in Baneka village of Talda block, about 40-50 km from the city. They started the production of munge/moringa.  As a result, the crop resulted in 2 acres was good and today it is being cultivated at a large scale in some 150 districts of the state. More than 100 farmers have been added to this paddy cultivation with 10 times more income and less expenditure despite the rain deficiency in the last few years.
moringa oleifera
And for the frustrated farmers due to low paddy production this farming of moringa oleifera is a boon. Today, the demand for this leaf from the districts of Raipur and Bastar is also in USA, along with large herbal and organic companies of Bengaluru, Lucknow and Gujarat.

Rajneesh explains that by leaving the private job, I started cultivating moringa oleifera, two years ago. About this I got information in the agricultural seminar held in South Africa three years ago. The leaves can be cultivated four to five times a year, it is sold dry and in powdered form as well.

Less water, yielding up to seven years and spending only 20-25 thousand

For cultivation of moringa, only Rs. 20-25 thousand per acre has to be spent. Once the crop is harvested, it yields up to 7 years. Harvested every 2-2 months. In one acre, the first year 800-900 kg of leaves are harvested in 4-5 times. From next year, 1200-1500 kg of leaf is produced in one acre farm. It is bought from farmers 80 rupees per kg. The first year earns 70-80 thousand rupees and from one year to one and a half lakh rupees. In the rain, and irrigation is done in 5-7 days in April, May and June, rest of the time is not needed. 75 kg of powder leaves from 100 kg of leaves.

More than 300 diseases can be treated with moringa oleifera

Ayurveda experts say that Moringa’s leaf has the ability to remove more than 300 diseases. There is a treasure of vitamins in its leaves. Vitamin A, B and C. Apart from this, carbohydrate, protein, calcium, potassium, iron etc. are in it.


This is an example for all of us that if moringa is native tree of Pakistan then why can’t we also cultivate it and earn money not only by moringa oleifera in raw form but also by its products. It’s not just a great business but also a great service to the mankind.