Moringa mask

Moringa leaves Latin name moringa oleifera is a plant that comes from plants. In some areas  moringa oleifera has different names, such as kerol, moltong, keloro, ongge, and others. Certainly, the scientific name of the Moringa leaf is the Moringa oleifera.

Most communities in Asia generally use these plants as a hedge, drugs and often occasionally as a vegetable in the dish daily meals.

Moringa seeds are often added to dishes to sour vegetables. In addition to being useful to add the taste to the dishes, the food is even richer in nutrients. There is no plant on earth that could match the nutrients of moringa oleifera.

Moringa leaves can also be used to ease cramps due to menstrual pain, urinary tract infections, help labor and help fertilize. Moringa leaves for beauty benefits, such as improving the structure of stubuh cells, making the skin more beautiful, also overcoming stripe wrinkles on the skin and anti-oxidants.

Here are the benefits of the Moringa Mask for beauty:

  1. Remove Spots

The vitamin C content in Moringa mask can also be used to eliminate black spots and black spots on the face. The trick is to make a mask from the leaves of the Moringa. Vitamin C is known to brighten the skin so stubborn stains on the face gradually disappear. Make moringa mask by selecting any recipe from the following video. Apply this mask evenly on the entire face except eyes. Wait until it dries, then wash off by luke warm water.

  1. Eliminate Acne On Face

High vitamin C in addition to causing black spots (spots) as described above can also be useful to get rid of acne that appears. To remove acne you can add tea tree oil in moringa face mask.

3- soften the skin

Dry and dull skin can be treated with moringa mask made by avocado fruit. This is caused by the content of vitamin B2 in it, where the vitamin is necessary to keep the skin moist.

  1. Eliminate Wrinkles

Moringa face mask is also excellent to remove wrinkles on the skin also can be used to remove blemishes on the face; a mask of Moringa leaves can also be used to wrinkles in the face. Use a mask of Moringa leaves at least 3 times a week for maximum results

Take some moringa powder, add  egg yolk,  add few drops of coconut oil or almond oil, little water and mix all ingredients thoroughly and apply on face after 20 minutes wash first  with luke warm water then with cold water and see the magic of moringa pack  on the face.

Make moringa leaves mask a routine for your face beauty.  Get the best moringa face mask and moringa face scrub