Sellers Guide

Hey look our slogan is “For Happiness Maza is Must” Yes absolutely!So let’s start maza and here at this web portal maza will start by getting registered so let’s follow the steps.

1-Click the register button at the top menu

registration on mazay ka store

This page will open


2-Put your preferred username, First name, Second name ,  your valid email id  and password.

After putting all details hit register. Also check your welcome email and confirm your registration.

3- Now if you want to sell something then click on “Vendor dashboard.”


When you click on “apply to become a vendor” another check box will appear asking you to accept “terms and conditions” Tick the both boxes and your application will be submitted and in most cases will be instantly approved.

4-Congrats  now you are the vendor of “Mazay ka Store”

The page below is your page. you can view your store, set your store , add new products and even edit your products.




5- Adding your products is very important step.

Choose the title of your product wisely and give all descriptions, benefits and features of the product. Also select the right category. The price and other attributes of products etc.

Note:  By default every item is on sale at ” mazay ka store” You can schedule sale at future dates or in back dates in case you don’t want the word “SALE” with your items.  Also you can give your shop any name and can set your  shop as  you want.


add products at mazay ka store

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6-Then hit submit for review.



7- Another important step is to complete profile.

Your profile shouldn’t carry any fake details as only the verified and reliable sellers could get real success.

8- Then comes the final step of shop setting.

Give your shop a unique name and give payment method if you don’t have PayPal you can select other payment methods.

Congrats you are done now. Start making money now.It’s FREE and easy to post items

Once your product gets approved and live then start sharing and promoting your shop to as many places and people as you can. See the profits rolling in and if you want you can also run Face book or other social media ads etc. to enjoy maximum sales.

Buyers Guide