Buyers Guide

Bying at “Mazay Ka Store”is the most fascinating experience , if you don’t believe then follow these steps  and try it yourself.  Buyers can register either at  the check out page or  from the register tab at the top main menu.

Step 1-Click the register button from top user menu

registration on mazay ka store

Note 1: You can also  directly click “My account”  button at the top menu  to get registered

Note 2: If you are not a seller and want to buy something then you won’t be clicking on “Apply to become a vendor” option. Moreover you can skip the registration step all together, but in that case you need to fill some contact and shipping details before confirming your order.


Step2-Put your user name and active email


Step3- Check your Inbox for welcome email, also check Junk

If you don’t find it in inbox then do check spam mail and white list the email so that in future you will not  miss any important emails and get all the emails right into your inbox. After getting password again click on top menu  button”log in” and put user name or email and password.


If you want to directly buy organic and natural stuff then follow these steps.

1- Browse through the website and select the products of your choice. Click on the desired product.



2- You can add the product into cart, add to wishlist for future buying or even compare different products at this page. Let’s assume you have clicked “Add to Cart”

organic moringa in pakistan

3- Click view cart and the whole cart along with all the items will be in front of you. Check carefully. If  the seller is offering any coupons then add that coupon to get further discount if not then leave it empty and proceed  to checkout.


4- When you click on “Proceed To Checkout” then very important part comes in and i.e. adding your  billing and shipping details. Also at this page select your preferred  payment mode and hit place order.

ORGANIC FOOD ONLINE IN PAKISTAN pakistan comes forward in organic food

Congrats you have made your first transaction at “Mazay ka Store” . Remember at this store you won’t only find things that will bring happiness in your life but also you will always find products at sale because we have requested sellers to offer everything here to our customers at very competitive price.

For further questions  feel free to “Contact Us”

If you are looking for “Sellers Guide” then here it is

And don’t forget to  have a look at ” About You”