About Us

About Mazay ka Store

This site is a multi-vendor/multi seller online market place very similar to eBay, Amazon and Ali Baba etc. But exclusively for Pure & Natural  foods and with lots of amazing new benefits and experiences. What is a multi-vendor marketplace? Click here if you have no idea of multi-vendor website.

Who Can Benefit From This Organic Food Online Market Place?

Sellers of Organic/Natural Foods 

If you already are selling or trading Organic/Natural Foods in any form whether online and offline you can join this new central and global hub to explode your business and new opportunities. Joining and listing of items are totally free. Click “How to join and start selling organic foods” for a quick step by step guide.

Buyers of Organic/Natural Foods 

You love Organic/Natural Foods and want to buy for your kids, family, lover or business etc. Okay what you need to do is simply sign up which will take just one minute. After signup browse through your favorite categories and select items of your choice. We have made every effort to provide you with the most affordable and tastiest Organic/Natural Foods on this hub. Your step by step guide for the easiest buying  of  pure foods of all  kinds


You want to start a organic or natural food business. It’s a good decision as this sector has enormous scope. You can start an organic fruits and dry vegetables business in many forms. If you are a farmer or youth entrepreneur you can set up your account here which is quiet easy. You want to enter into export/import. Want to trade pure fruits or simply want to earn a living as an organic food whole seller or retailer. The options are endless. Mazay ka Store provides you the first of its kind of platform where you can not only interact with experts and other successful business men but also can meet international standards.